Turtleshell Eyes

from by Marina Evans



Soft spoken women with turtleshell eyes
Hang out their linen in disguise
While they are working they check and refer
To texts that are lurking in rafters

When those great beams give in
With a heavy sigh
The needles, seams, and pins
Will have to rely

On the memories of the hands
Whose heads, lost in reverie, don't understand
Just what they're doing, or who they will touch
Sweating and sewing, they lose so much

While the big man upstairs
Looks upon his minions
He neither thinks nor cares about anything
But his millions

Of us taking without giving back
The rope, she's a-breaking without any slack
But me, I'm just talking to you from a stool
Instead of walking in the boots of a fool

Don't you follow me on
On this ambling way
Better your words acted upon
Than emptily said

We're all just standing still
Following our eyes down the hill
This world is ours to kill
Tell me now, have you ever found
A cheaper thrill?
A cheaper thrill, oh...


from Unbound, released October 13, 2013



all rights reserved


Marina Evans Massachusetts

Strong, sultry vocals meet clever lyricism & unusual melodies in Marina Evans' music. Combining a background in jazz with traditional folk and a rock edge, Marina has developed a distinctive sound that's all her own. She has released 3 original EPs & a full-length album since her start, and has toured from her Massachusetts home to Manhattan, Nashville, New Orleans, L.A., London, Italy, and beyond ... more


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